How one chat bot totally changed my opinion of bots

A couple of weeks ago, together with Sorted MGMT and Hardwell, we launched a messenger bot. Why did we launch the messenger bot? Originally, it was because Sorted Management approached us and asked us to build one. We’re big fans of Hardwell in the WMAS crew, in fact Tom, is probably one of his biggest. So we naturally jumped at the chance.
I’ll admit it, I was a naysayer. – “What’s the point in chat bots?” – “You’re just duplicating the information anyway.” – “I can find the information from Hardwell’s website when I want it.” I don’t get it.
Correction… I didn’t get it. And that’s fine. I’m an adult, I’m 30 now. I’m not a “millennial”… Well according to Pew Research Center I am, thanks Pew…
I use Facebook. I use twitter. I occasionally dip into WhatsApp, and sure I use Messenger to stay in touch with friends.
I don’t use snapchat, well, I have an account. But I really don’t get it, and that’s fine, I don’t need to get it.
When I was a teenager, I used to use MSN Messenger, ALL THE RUDDY TIME. I also used to send *all* of the text messages. I don’t now. I’m old(er) and wiser / grumpier.
We launched the bot. We watched all the conversations happen in real time. People were using it! IN THEIR BUCKET LOAD. We know that kids don’t use Facebook in the same way as we use Facebook. We also have to realise they use tools in other ways too. Messenger apps… This is where these kids “live”.
| They do all of their communications in private.
Why is that? Because they’ve got sensible parents giving them sensible advice. They do all of their communications in “private”. (I’m not getting into a “Facebook own your data” debate).
We’ve started to compile a handy list of articles all around bots. What are chat bots and how do they work?.

The Importance of Cooling Systems for Electronics

As electronic equipment has advanced, so has the need for effective cooling systems in order to keep processes running optimally. With devices generating high levels of both heat and sound, products such as the fan tray assembly and anti vibration mounts have become even more advanced, with a number of different products on the market to meet all kinds of customer needs.

The problem of overheating can be common when it comes to PCs and laptops, yet the situation can become a lot worse in the case of electronics that are operating in cabinets or other enclosed spaces, with the reduced airflow dramatically raising temperature. The installation of an adequate cooling fan or fan tray assembly is therefore essential for keeping temperatures at reasonable levels.

So, just why is overheating so bad and why are cooling systems so useful? There are numerous reasons why installing a fan system is a good idea, some of which will be explored below.

Firstly, if electronic equipment heats up too much, it can simply cut out in order to cool down. This is not only a major inconvenience, but can actually cause serious damage to the equipment components too. It should also be noted that overheated equipment can be a serious fire hazard, which is not good in either the home or the workplace.

Overheating can also cause electronics to function more slowly, even if they do not stop working completely. This is because in-built fans may be working exceptionally hard at keeping temperatures down due to elevated levels of heat. A solution would be to add a fan tray assembly or other cooling fan system in order to provide adequate levels of cooling.

Fans that are working too hard to lower high temperatures can also cause a great deal of noise. This can be at best distracting, and at worst unbearable, especially in the workplace where there is a large amount of electronic equipment. Again, adequate cooling systems such as a fan tray assembly can stop fans striving to keep temperatures down and keep noise at an acceptable level.

Another factor touched on above is that critical components of electronic equipment may be damaged if exposed to elevated temperatures. As all electronic components have maximum temperature ratings, overheating caused by insufficient cooling can cause serious damage to essential and costly equipment.

There are many ways to avoid all the negative effects of overheating – and the main one is prevention. The easiest way to do this is by keeping electronics in a cool environment that is well-ventilated so that temperatures do not rise to a dangerous level, running the risk of the problems listed above.

Installing a cooling fan system or fan tray assembly is one way to keep areas well ventilated and air circulating sufficiently in order to keep electronics from overheating. Heat produced by these devices will dissipate a lot faster if the surrounding air is cooler, meaning temperatures are kept in an acceptable range.

In addition to installing the right equipment it is important to keep it well-maintained. Cleaning the cooling fan system regularly will help the fan operate optimally, ensuring that in turn your electronics are kept at a reasonable temperature for efficient functioning. Regular cleaning will clear out all dust and fluff that will impair fan functioning and pose a potential fire hazard.

For personalised advice on which cooling fan systems or fan tray assembly products are appropriate for your electronics and their particular installation and use, it is always best to consult with a specialist designer and manufacturer of these products.

With their expert knowledge, you will be able to create an environment that ensures optimal functioning of your electronic equipment and minimises risk and potentially costly damage.

Importance of Electronic Technology

We have taken steps on the road to the future that can not be retaken or undone. The importance of electronic technology is now ingrained in every fiber of our society, from the lowest station all the way to the coveted office of the President of our country.

Importance of electronic technology flourishes with abandon, doubling upon itself every fourteen to twenty-four months, constantly becoming that which we won’t do without, thanks to the growth of technology. Time-consuming tasks that once took hours, even days, are now accomplished in minuets.

Computers and the Internet provide various new methods which have been incorporated for the processing of normal business activities, growing bigger and being customized to the point where it is heavily integrated in the current structures.

Without the Importance of electronic technology, routine tasks that now only take moments, thanks to the computer, would otherwise have taken hours, even days for the compiling of information alone.

The Importance of electronic technology in communications is where news is most called upon. As one of the fastest developing industries in the world, the cell phone has revolutionized the way we live and communicate with each other and the world.

Everyone wants to be informed when a new innovation in the cell phone industry is unveiled. The addition of the internet, as well as GPS navigation systems, sent the communications industries staggering to the bank under the weight of the money being made.

Technology in the Health-care system alone has had long reaching effects. The speed and storage ability of computers has simplified and increased the efficiency of the record keeping systems, this being only the tip of the technological iceberg.

Many hospital systems connect entire departments, from their doctors to the accounting departments, pharmacy, and billing. All use a system called HIS. HIS is a (hospital information system). HIS is software used by all hospitals and integrates most of their departments.

I believe inroads in the field of electronic technology in the Education System need to be explored more extensively. The outrageous cost of a good college education borders on the realm of criminal larceny.

By placing for some an unattainable price on the education of their choice, the educational system is stealing not only their futures, but depriving society of their potential contribution.

The Importance of Electronic Components and Electronic Component Suppliers

Electronic components have changed the way we live and the way we use technology since they were first introduced into products. These components are used in almost every industry from consumer goods to military equipment. From using your vacuum cleaner to flying a military helicopter, electronic components are vital to the performance of thousands of products.

A component is defined as a basic element in electronics that has leads (terminals) which enable it to be connected to other components to form functional devices depending on the intended application. Components are divided into passive components and active components. A battery would be classed as an active component as this is a direct source of energy. Passive components cannot introduce net energy into the circuit they are connected too. They only rely on power that is available from the circuit.

A circuit board is known as a complete collection of components. Many products will have a circuit board installed in it which in layman’s terms acts as an equivalent of a brain for a particular product. This comparison really highlights how important an electronic component can be to a product. The basic functions a product has to perform will be controlled or initiated by a component on a circuit board. A battery is also considered to be a component which obviously is vitally important to supplying power to a product. By highlighting how important an electronic part is, it seems appropriate that we should talk about sourcing reliable and high quality components. When sourcing electronic parts and components it is vital you use a trusted supplier of high quality goods.

Electronic components are a vital part of the manufacturing process of electronic goods. The quality of components used in the manufacturing process can determine your future and growth in the market. Quality components ultimately enhance the quality of the end product as well as it’s durability. Faulty electronic parts can cause an end product to malfunction and even stop working very early on in its product life-cycle. If you want your products to be known for high performance, quality and durability then it is wise to select your electronic component supplier carefully.

A good indicator of a trusted supplier is how large their volume of stock is and how quickly they can ship it to you. You can also keep an eye out for certifications in, ISO, AS, ASNI/ ESD. Finally does the supplier have educated and informative staff? A supplier should be able to give you reassuring information on your electronic parts and how long it will take to ship.

All About Electronic Pool Cover/Utility Pumps

Having a swimming pool requires heavy-duty maintenance especially during rainy and wintry weather. These are the times of the year when you need to install a swimming pool cover to keep rain water and melted snow from collecting inside the pool. However water can easily collect on top of the pool cover too. If left unchecked, this will hurt your pool cover and cause damage to the walls of your pool as well. Investing in a special type of pump helps to eliminate this problem, keeping your pool cover and swimming pool in pristine condition throughout the year.

Choosing a pool cover utility pump

While you can always drain the collected water manually, an electronic pump can accomplish the work easily for you. Using a hose in draining the water can be time consuming and physically exhausting, and doing all the work yourself may be hazardous during the winter season. This is why many home owners use a cover to easily siphon off the water. If you have problems with excessive water collecting on your swimming pool, an automatic pump can drain all the water away even without manual intervention.

Manual or automatic/electronic?

Before buying a swimming pool pump, you need to understand first that these pumps come in the manual and automatic or electronic varieties. Manual pumps require monitoring and manually turning the pumps on or off, before and after use. While this demands some effort on your part, manual pumps are priced cheaper than the automatic ones.

An automatic pump on the other hand comes with a monitoring device that automatically detects water and removes water as necessary. This is a very handy feature if you don’t want to keep on checking your swimming pool cover for excess water collection and monitoring the entire pumping process. You may use this pump all winter long or during the rainy season.

How do you choose a pool cover pump?

Several considerations come into play when you’re shopping for a pool cover pump. Some of the things you need to factor in include the size of your swimming pool and the cover you are using for your pool. Prior to buying, you may want to check out the features of the pump, and its horsepower rating most importantly.

Top Five Electronic Learning Products Available From Toys R Us

Portable electronic technology is improving by the day -we, as adults, see the results in the form of smartphones, computer tablets and ever-smaller gadgets and gizmos. Unsurprisingly, these technological advancements are finding their way into children’s toys as well. Toys R Us sells a varied selection of educational toys – from fully-functional kids’ tablets to reading aids that redefine the picture book. These aren’t exclusive toys for privileged kids either – this being Toys R Us, the prices remain low despite the use of cutting-edge technology.

Let’s take a look at five of the most popular electronic learning toys available from the Toys R Us website:

LeapFrog Tag Reading System – LeapFrog is one of the leading educational toy companies in the UK, and the LeapFrog Tag Reading System is one of the most technologically-advanced electronic learning products it has produced to date. Using specially-produced books and the Tag Reader pen, children can follow the words on the page and hear them spoken aloud – it’s like having a constant reading companion! The books also feature reading activities and games to help your child progress with his or her reading skills – and parents are catered for too, with the unique online tool that allows you to check on your child’s progress. Toys R Us sells the LeapFrog Tag Reading System itself, as well as a range of books featuring famous characters that your kid will love.

LeapPad Explorer Tablet – Also from LeapFrog, and also available from Toys R Us, is the LeapPad Explorer Tablet. It features a colourful, high-resolution screen – much like the leading smartphones and tablets – but it’s been built with kids in mind. This means that it’s ergonomically shaped for children’s hands, and it can withstand rough handling too. It encourages creativity and learning with its built-in camera and more than 100 downloadable games and apps. There’s plenty for your child to do, and when you think the time is right for your child to enjoy a new educational activity, purchase a LeapFrog Explorer App Centre Download Card from Toys R US and pick from the wide range of fun applications on offer!

Peppa Pig My First Laptop – Designed with younger children in mind, the Peppa Pig My First Laptop features simple, colourful buttons so that your child can start learning and playing straight away. It features built-in software that helps teach colours, numbers, animals, objects, musical instruments and much more. The perfect, affordable learning solution from Toys R Us for kids aged over 18 months.

VTech Switch and Go Dinos – These fun, transformable robot dinosaurs are slightly less learning focused than the other Toys R Us toys on this list, but they are nonetheless great fun and will help to teach your child about prehistoric life. They change from a dinosaur into a car (and back again) in a few easy steps and, at the touch of a button, emit sound effects and dino-related facts.

VTech Kidizoom Twist Camera – Is your child a budding creative type? If he or she loves playing around with pictures, then visit the Toys R Us website and get your hands on a VTech Kidizoom Twist Camera. This toy boasts most of the functionality of an adults’ digital camera – housed in a durable, child-friendly casing. It also has plenty of extra features that your child will love, such as a reversible lens (for self-portraits), built-in games and the ability to add wacky effects to their favourite videos and photographs. Toys R Us sells the Kidizoom Camera in pink or blue designs – perfect for little boys and girls.

Electronic Test Equipment

Electronics is a vast field of study encompassing systems and technologies that control the flow of electrons and other types of charged carriers in various devices such as valves and semiconductors. The application of electronics is fairly widespread and is often the base for the growth of technology. Almost every new or old invention uses the concepts of electronics. Electronics is one of the primary branches of electrical engineering. To put electrical engineering into practice, a large number of electrical devices and equipments are required to test the workability and durability of complex electrical machines and systems.

Electronic test equipment is usually simple and cheap though there are compound electrical gears that are more difficult to test. Electronic test equipment is often referred to as test gear. These devices generate stimulus signals in order to receive responses from electronic gadgets referred to as Devices under Test (DUTs). By using these devices, the functioning of the DUTs can be proven and faults can be tracked and repaired.

Electronic test equipment can range from a simple light bulb to complex computerized and automated testing systems. There are different types of test equipment available for testing different devices. Basic electronic test equipments are used for simple measurement of the capacity of voltage and current in common circuits. Such test gear includes devices such as voltmeters, ammeters, galvanometers, ohmmeters, multimeters, power supplies, signal and pulse generators and oscilloscopes. These devices are usually digital and check simple prototypes. Certain advanced and less commonly used equipment such as clamp meters, electrometers, EMF meters, RF probes and logic analyzers are used to test the operation of higher and advanced components. Most test equipment used generate signals and hence are called signal-generating devices. Signal generating devices such as frequency synthesizer, function generator, pulse generator and signal injectors are used to generate signals for testing the working of electrical circuits.

Electrical test equipments have extensive use in fields such as aerospace, defense, automobiles and telecommunication. The use of these equipments helps in reducing the need for future quality assurance tests.

All About Electronic Pool Cover/Utility Pumps

It’s no secret that chiropractors are infamous for keeping less than adequate SOAP notes in their patient’s files. This is a problem that is made up of several factors, but primarily it is because note-taking is a drain on the doctor’s time. SOAP notes are not only time-consuming, but they can be the Achilles heel that prevents a practice from growing to its full potential. This is because SOAP notes are often the target of insurance companies looking for reasons not to reimburse the doctor for services rendered.

The SOAP notes provide structure for the doctor to record their findings and to maintain a case management plan. It sounds straightforward, but insurance companies have really clamped down on treatment plans, and some have even gone as far as paying for only a limited number of visits with no consideration of the patient’s condition.

With the concern of a looming insurance audit at an all-time high, many chiropractors are afraid to bill for too many services. As a result, it is becoming more common that the payment received only covers a partial amount of the care provided. With insurance reimbursement becoming more difficult, more chiropractors are turning to Electronic SOAP (HER) note programs.

One of the main reasons for this shift to the electronic format is that it allows the doctor to spend more time seeing patients and less time worrying if their paperwork is done properly. In addition to saving time, software actually helps the office increase their profits by accurately billing for all services rendered. Many chiropractors know that it is quite challenging to stay up to date with the constantly changing landscape of insurance reimbursement.

This is how billing software pays for itself; it is designed and maintained regularly by reimbursement and compliance experts who take the uncertainty out of the equation. These experts greatly reduce the possibility of an insurance audit, while helping the practice fulfill its potential. When searching for electronic SOAP note programs the chiropractor should look for several features:

o The program should be very “user-friendly” and able to be implemented with very little staff training. The point of electronic SOAP note software is to save time and to maximize profitability by utilizing the most accurate billing information available.

o The software should be equipped with the most up-to-date billing information so that if the doctor forgets anything, the software will remind them. Electronic billing and note-taking software is rapidly becoming an effective tool in increasing the efficiency and profitability of an office.